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Major's Gold Ash

Nothing titillates the fancy of a northern gardener or homeowner more than a tree with a dash of panache, and there's no better way to spice up the neighborhood canopy than by planting a tree with foliage that's something other than green. Unfortunately, when it comes to hardiness, such trees are few and far between, leaving northerners hungry for quality alternatives.

So it is with great satisfaction that we introduce a stunning new tree with colorful foliage to the northern palette. Major's Gold ash is one of those rare gems that is both brilliantly colored and genuinely hardy by our harsh northern standards. Purportedly a type of black ash (there seems to be some dispute), it not only offers reliable radiant gold fall color, but the leaves emerge a stunning bright yellow in spring!

The plant literally glows, rivaling any Sunburst honeylocust for spring display. The leaves quickly fade to a basic green over the summer rendering it a little less flashy, but it recedes gracefully to become a tree of majestic stature and fine form, and in fall it fires back up for one last go at stardom!

Because it's an ash tree, you know it's going to be tough. Like most members of its species, this variety is very adaptable to different soil types, but enjoys a modicum of moisture over the summer months. It needs loads of direct sunlight for best color. It will grow to become a large tree, but with a refined, upright habit that should endear it to homeowners with smaller properties.