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Mancana Manchurian Ash

Every now and again, an amazing plant is discovered. One that seems to have it all - fine landscape attributes, highly ornamental characteristics, easy culture and no negative traits. And when it's hardy enough for northern yards and gardens, there is cause to celebrate. And yet, for whatever reason, the uptake is slow!

Well, we here at Northscaping are committed to spreading the gospel of the finest hardy plants for northern homeowners, and really piping up when we find one that is deserving of wider use and acclaim. And thus we come to talk about one of our favorite trees, the Manchurian ash, and in particular, the stunning cultivar 'Mancana'.

Sometimes beauty and desirability aren't found in colorful flowers and showy fruit, but rather in rigidity of character, dependable performance, toughness and hardiness. These are all words that describe the Mancana ash. It has one of the most defined silhouettes of any large landscape tree - almost perfectly round or oval, like an enormous lollipop atop a solid trunk, and all without any human intervention at all. It turns a gorgeous yellow in fall, is as low maintenance as a tree can get, and will grow nearly anywhere, from the most demanding city boulevard to your own back yard.

You will bring this tree into your landscape for its shape, so give it lots of room to spread out and be seen. As such, it serves multiple purposes in the landscape; shade, accent, and articulation through its distinctive form. It will tolerate many soil types and conditions, and thrives with minimal care and attention. Tell your northern friends about this one - let's spread the word together!